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Our Mission? Healthier Living.

At PeakLife, our nutrition coaches are passionate about helping you look and feel your absolute best. Your dedicated coach will be there to provide you with non-judgemental support as you follow your nutrition plan, helping you stay on track as you work towards a healthy and happier you.

Our online nutritionists will help you discern what is most important to you before creating a nutrition plan dedicated to your goals. Our coaches will help you develop a customized nutrition plan and they will work to pinpoint reasons why you may not be reaching your goals.

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Scott B., before...

I knew it was time to make a change when I was pushing the 300th parallel with my weight. Everything was harder even the simple tasks of putting on socks.

Then Dan and Priya convinced me to do PeakLife. The first week of the program, I must have called Priya three times with the amount of food I had left and asked her if I really had to eat everything. She said yes every time - so I did and kept with the program for the 12 weeks.

I went from 285lbs to 240lbs! Just by eating. Not once did I step foot in a gym or do any sort of exercise other than my daily motions. I can't say enough about the support from my coach (Priya) throughout the program from inspiration to suggestions of food I needed to eat along the way. Thank you so much Coach Priya and PeakLife!

... and after!

Wes H.

For so long, I would work out, but never truly see any changes or body composition development. It wasn't until I looked at the big picture in my quest for health that a very huge piece of that puzzle was missing.

PeakLife singlehandedly redefined my training life and catapulted my fitness to the next level. In addition to the nutrition plan, user interface, and other various things that Peaklife offers, the coaching and accountability is the cornerstone of the program. Between constant communication and multiple contacts, I always felt like I had someone in my corner to help me achieve the success I knew that I wanted.

I have been reinvigorated in my quest to become a better athlete and healthier person, and Peaklife is solely responsible for setting me afoot on a new path.

The PeakLife nutrition program was an easy program to follow. To be successful, education and discipline are key. My coach provided information that helped me with proper nutrition. After a few weeks of measuring out and logging what I eat, it becomes habit. They also focus on the importance of sleep and mood which is part of maintaining good health. Plus the daily tracker is easy to use on the website.

The support of the coaches are phenomenal. Feedback and communication with my coach is timely. Usually within a few hours, I get a reply back to an email or a Facebook post. Overall, the program is very worthwhile!

Powah I.

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