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Great coaches are the lifeblood of PeakLife. We count on them to mentor clients and put them on the path to success. That could mean building out a training regime or tailoring a nutrition plan to help them lose weight.

If you are interested in helping people reach their full potential and make some money along the way, we encourage you to apply!

How It Works


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We will review your credentials in detail and reach out if we think there is a good fit.


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We provide an extensive certification course to supplement your knowledge of nutritional science and educate you on our core nutrition programming.


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You'll manage your clients and their nutrition programming through our intuitive online platform. You get paid for every client you manage.


Here are just a few of the reasons you should coach through PeakLife.

Make a difference. Help your athletes improve their nutrition, lose fat, and improve athletic performance.

Work from anywhere. Our digital platform lets you coach your athletes from any place at any time.

Get paid. We pay you for every client that you coach. We also give rewards for referrals.

Stay in touch. You can manage your programming and even message your clients through our platform.

Learn and grow. We provide extensive education on nutritional science, fitness, and life coaching.

Join a growing community. We are adding new coaches and clients every day that support each other.

Priya C., PeakLife Coach

An obstacle that I frequently encounter as a coach is how best to manage, condense, and analyze a client’s individual and unique experience with the journey that they have chosen. Often it requires using either spreadsheets, a variety of different phone applications, or even pictures, which can sometimes be more troublesome and lengthier than it needs to be.

PeakLife neatly packages all of the important information in one place. Clients can update their macros and individual measurements daily, use the feedback area to ask questions, and log on any time to find answers through the variety of educational files located there.

As a coach, this combination of having one area to host all of the pertinent information is extremely helpful and really takes the headache and worry out of making certain the correct information is being communicated - from myself to my clients, and more importantly, from my clients to me. I can respond directly to their concerns, I can analyze their data in plentiful variations, and it allows for a much smoother and faster response time. It's great.