Nutrition Coaching for Your Organization

In this day and age, it can be difficult trying to discern what's best for your health. With the plethora of nutrition articles, websites, videos, and books available today, you may be wondering what sources are reliable, accurate, and real. It is difficult to find what is legitimate and what is not.

That's where PeakLife comes in. When you partner with PeakLife, your clients get to enjoy the benefits of having their very own personal nutrition coach. Let us worry about the nutrition so you can focus on your own programming and doing what you do best.

How It Works

Our affiliates receive a portion of each paid member fee associated with their organization. Not only do we provide personalized nutrition coaching for your clients, but we actually pay you to let us do it.


Sign up as an affiliate

Once approved you will have access to your own instance of the PeakLife Platform.


Select your coaches

Use coaches from your organization or have PeakLife provide them — the choice is yours.


Engage your members

Create a new revenue stream while helping your members reach their full potential.


The PeakLife platform provides personalized nutrition programming that affiliates can use to manage their members nutritional goals.

Expand Your Programming

Leverage a program that is web-based, automated, and allows for both you and your athletes to track their progress and quantify their success.

Manage Your Member's Success

Use your own coaches to guide your members through the program, enhance your sense of community, and help your members achieve their goals.

Create New Revenue Streams

Be our partner and be compensated for your members participation. We pay you for every member that goes signs up through your portal.